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7cb1d79195 While guarding a United Nations negotiator after an assassination attempt, Steed and a colleague fall under suspicion for selling state secrets.
Episode 29, "The Sell-Out," was the third and last to feature Jon Rollason's Dr. Martin King (but the first to be broadcast), as well as the last to feature a male partner for Steed (Patrick Macnee, for the third straight time, receives sole billing in the opening credits). While Ian Hendry's Dr. David Keel was often seen in his surgery with Ingrid Hafner's nurse Carol Wilson, this would prove to be the only time that Steed would visit Dr. King, offering a final look at Gillian Muir's nurse, Judy, barely noticeable in her back-to-back appearances. This time, Dr. King aids Steed in ensuring the safety of a high ranking French official (Carleton Hobbs) attending a secret peace conference in London for the UN. Michael Mellinger (previously seen in "The Far-Distant Dead") plays the barber shop informant who trails Steed, and Frank Gatliff ("One for the Mortuary," "A Chorus of Frogs," and "Love All") heads up the security team. Arthur Hewlett makes his only series appearance as One Twelve, Steed's superior, who scoffs at the notion that there might be a traitorous informer sabotaging their security efforts. Often in these early efforts, and prior to the final season introduction of Patrick Newell's popular Mother, Steed would take his orders from an on-screen superior, the most frequent being One Ten, played in ten episodes by Douglas Muir ("Diamond Cut Diamond," "The Springers," "Death on the Slipway," "The Tunnel of Fear," and "The Deadly Air," all from season one, with "Death Dispatch," "Warlock," "Mr Teddy Bear," "The Removal Men," and "Immortal Clay" from season two). One Six (Michael Gover) appeared twice ("Man in the Mirror" and "A Chorus of Frogs"), Charles (Paul Whitsun-Jones) appeared twice ("Man with Two Shadows" and "The Wringer"), while One Twelve, One Seven (Frederick Farley in "School for Traitors"), One Fifteen (Eric Dodson in the lost first season enrty "Dragonsfield"), and Quilpie (Ronald Radd in "The Outside-In Man") made just one appearance each. One Twelve remains a deliberately shady character, whom Steed admits to never having worked with before (and never would again). There are too few red herrings, and while it may be a shame that the partnership between Steed and Dr. King was so necessarily brief, subsequent casting proved that the show's popularity would endure beyond its 8 years on the air.
Steed has been put in charge of security for M&#39;sieur Roland; a visiting diplomat who is hoping to help with negotiations concerning problems in the Far East. After an attempt on the man&#39;s life Steed is convinced that somebody in the organisation he works for must have leaked details of the visit. He is so convinced that he takes Roland&#39;s place and sure enough somebody tries to kill him; he is only saved because Dr King tackles the would-be assassin. While Steed is looking for a leak others in the organisation, including superior One-Twelve, suspect that Steed may be the leak. Ultimately it will be up to Steed and Dr King to find the leak and get to his associates before Roland is killed.<br/><br/>This is a solid early episode, one of three where Steed is partnered with Dr Martin King. The case is interesting and there are plenty of suspects who could be the leak, including One Twelve. There is a good amount of action and some fairly tense scenes when it looks as if Dr King was unable to turn up when Steed needed his back up and later when the villain captures Dr King. The villain&#39;s motives are entirely plausible. Patrick Macnee is on fine form as Steed and Jon Rollason is also pretty solid as Dr King. Also notable are Arthur Hewlett who plays One Twelve and Anne Godley who plays the wife of a possible suspect. Overall a pretty decent episode.

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